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Course Objectives

To prepare you to pass the FCC Radar Endorsement (Element 8) Examination.


This course last about 2 days and is designed for the experienced radar technician and provides overview of radar systems and applied technology. It includes radar ranging techniques, pulse repetition frequency, duty cycle, radar timing circuits, radar operations, radar block diagrams, magnetrons and klystrons, duplexers, indicator systems, antennas, radar systems troubleshooting, safety precautions, and much more. Examinations of specialized certificates, licenses or endorsements are discussed.

License Qualifications:

1. You must hold a current General Radiotelephone Operator's License (GROL), or you must have passed Element 1 and Element 3 of the GROL exam.

2. You must pass FCC Radar Endorsement examinations.


The cost of this entire course is $500.00 + $150.00 testing fees. The complete course is 15 hours long (approx.. 2 days). The course cam be tailored to your specific needs.


to enroll or to have your questions answered.

FCC Radar Endorsement Examination course​​
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