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I took the GROL/RE class from AT. I just wanted to say you were right in saying I would be surprised at how many jobs you can get with an FCC license. I am currently working in the communications department. I had no idea one needed an FCC license working on the railroad but low and behold, here I am. In my interview I was going against other people, 4 with college degrees, and all had work experience on me. What I did have was 5 years experience in avionics in the Marine Corps, and the only FCC license in the bunch which apparently is what they were looking for. What made it even better is the fiber optics class I took helped me out as well. My supervisor said he had never seen someone 24 years old have all those qualifications and licenses. Thanks a bunch for the class. You are a great instructor and friend.

Mathew Seacrist

I feel the opportunity you are providing is great, having completed two classes an knowing many people who have also completed classes with AT I feel it is an invaluable opportunity that we as military members and a maintenance technicians cannot afford to lose. Jim always provided me the answers I was looking for and, when asked, went the extra step to provide the knowledge I needed. I will also say it was based on individual motivation…AT does not do the work for you, individuals need to work to obtain their certification. At a previous assignment I took the Embry-Riddle (type 65 Certificate) A&P geared courses…but they didn’t give me the experience I was looking for, nor could they guide me in contacting the FAA or a good DME. Jim on the other hand has vast experience in the industry and has been teaching for a long time…he has contacts and a large network if individuals in the industry he can contact to help work problems, this capability are something not advertised but used as an added side benefit to everyone taking his classes.

CM Sgt William A. Reinhardt

Aviation & Electronic Schools of America has provided me valuable, certified training with a very flexible schedule. In my current position, set times to attend school can be difficult to say the least and AT has taken the extra step to ensure class and instructor availability. I have known many other students who have also benefited from this flex schedule and now own different types of certifications from AT. The school has helped many aircraft maintainers and losing their educational opportunity would certainly add increased stress and cost to attain certifications.

SM Sgt. William R. Rutter Jr.

I want to thank Jim Doyle for the opportunities that were given to me through his classes. The FCC & FAA classes that are taught are an added bonus to the work experience that I have. These certifications are doorways to a much broader career spectrum. The experience and knowledge that Mr. Doyle has to offer is priceless. The class room instruction is TOP NOTCH and professional which allows for the best learning environment. Being active duty doesn’t allow for us to have the most flexible schedules but Mr. Doyle always makes time for our Airman. I challenge anyone to take the time to sign up, learn what he has to offer and take away with you knowledge and education that Mr. Doyle and AT has to offer.

S Sgt Christopher M. Arthur

A Major Aerospace Company

Aviation Maintenance Technicians are in high demand. For every one hundred hours that an aircraft is used for hire, it must go through a thorough inspection process. These inspections combined with annual inspections and routine maintenance repairs create a tremendous need for qualified licensed technicians. The people who inspect, maintain, and repair aircraft, must be licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration. In AT programs, not only will you gain the knowledge and skill required to obtain your FAA airframe and power plant license, FCC, IA, but you will also gain the confidence required for top performance on the job. The flexibility of the instructors with AT is beyond reproach, they will tailor their class times to meet any schedule. If this opportunity were to disappear/removed it would be viewed as a significant loss/missed opportunity to all. The courses that are offered from AT are the bricks to the foundation of a success story.

M Sgt Gerald A. Jensen

I wanted to send my thanks for providing an outstanding opportunity for us. The service you provide us in getting the training required to become Fiber Optic certified and to obtain the FCC license is impeccable! I have not been to another school that was as user friendly and professional as your program. There were numerous occasions throughout our training that arose which would have prevented the completion of our class at any other institution. But with your flexibility and willingness to work with students, we were able to successfully complete the courses. It would be a disservice to many Airmen if your program was not allowed to continue. I know many more Airmen are looking forward to utilizing what the Aviation & Electronic Schools of America has to offer and would be very disappointed if it were no longer available, thanks again.

M Sgt. Paul D. Fischer

I would like to add my recommendation to those and many others that have attended Aviation Electronic Schools of America (AT). I feel for the experience mechanic the A&P classes offered by AT are a great service to military personnel. The classroom lecture and hands-on experience are real world and practical. The hand-outs and videos were spot on and helped me tremendously when taking my oral and practical. I have also taken the FCC and fiber optics classes at AT which also provided real world labs and awesome classroom lecture, my instructor was well versed and highly qualified to teach

these classes. I feel that AT provides a valuable service to Veterans in the local area who have worlds of experience, but often do not have access to/or time for long college programs due to TDY tempo. I truly believe getting your certifications and having your military experience to back them up, puts veterans in the forefront of the hiring lines.

CM SGT David Rosa

Nothing beats classroom instruction and AT’s got the best. The three classes we just finished were outstanding. I never learned so much in such a short time. It was more intense than any classes I have taken in all my college BS and Masters. Unlike other companies who have come to Boeing to offer similar classes (theirs have been only Smoke and Mirrors) AT has the real McCoy of computer training.

Jeffery Gerau

Aviation Technician has some of the best Instructors. They are very knowledgeable.

Jason Harper

I would like to state for the record that the education I have received at the Aviation Technician has been exceptional. I have recommended this school to my peers and subordinates and will continue to do so. The knowledge level of the instructors and the quality of education is unparalleled. They understand the military and he nature of the job and will make any effort to aid us in class schedules due to unstable work schedules and exercises. I cannot suggest or recommend enough the advantages of attending classes at AT.

S Sgt Charles W. Weber

Please accept this letter in appreciation of the continued efforts your organization has demonstrated in providing educational programs for our employees in the Southern California region. Educational partnerships, such as those between AT and The Boeing Company, have proven to be very successful in meeting the business needs of our company. Of the many programs that your organization provides our employees, the Airframe and Powerplant Certification Program has been most successful in satisfying our immediate needs. We enjoy the availability of a cost effective, high quality accredited program that is very convenient for our employees.

Andrew Thornsen

My fellow marines and I just want to say thank you so very much for helping us out over here with everything; from the starting up process to the instruction and preparation for our certificates. Its tough enough being a full time Marine working in the air wing, but our instructor was understanding and extremely cooperative. He moved his schedule around us and that alone we could not thank him enough for. His enthusiasm towards the material he was teaching us kept us mentally involved at times when we were drained from a full days work. Because of AT, my marines and I are well prepared for the road ahead of us in the world of FCC/Radar Endorsement as wells as Fiber Optic installers and technicians. We look forward to starting up some classes in the near future. Again thank you for the patience and concern for our education.

Cpj Jana Wiggins Stewart

Everything was given in a very professional manner, from presentation to hands-on. I cannot say enough good things about this class.

Salvatore P. Mongelli

A Major Aerospace Company

On behalf of the personnel of the Army Aviation Support Facility, I would like to extend our many thanks for a job well done. The expertise brought in by your School allowed us a 95% success rate during our AP and FCC licensing exams.

James S. McNeill, Aircraft Inspector

Nevada Army National Guard Reno, Nevada

The quality and professionalism your school displayed sets Aviation Technician above all others in it's field.

Myles P. O'Rielly, Manager of Engineering Bellsouth Mobility

Boca Raton, Florida

I have been working for A Major Aerospace Company for 14 years. My job title is: Electronic Electrician Maintenance Journeyman. I work for plant facilities, in the maintenance department. I am married and have two daughters, ages 18 and 15. I passed my final Microsoft exam on Jan.18th to become an MCSE and an MCP + Internet. I have taken the following courses through Aviation Technician: MCSE Classes, Fiber Optics, and Advanced Fiber Optics, A+ Computer Technician. Each and every instructor that I had at Aviation Technician has been very professional and knowledgeable in the field they were teaching. Thank you Aviation Technician.

R. Michael Gonzales

A Major Aerospace Company

A year and a half ago, I was laid off from a large aircraft manufacturing company making $14 an hour. I was not sure what I would do after the layoff but a few of my co-workers told me about the fiber optic classes offered at Aviation Technician. I took the fiber optic classes and along with my MCSE landed a job testing a new development called Fiber Channel. It may sound like I just got lucky. The truth is I have received several calls from employment recruiting companies asking if I would like to go to work for the companies they represent. So, I know first hand that the fiber optic field is growing and is in high demand. Oh and the $10 an hour pay raise did not hurt either.

Brett White

Kent, WA

Nothing beats classroom instruction and Aviation Technician got the best. The three classes we just finished were outstanding. I never learned so much in such a short time. It was more intense than any classes I have taken in all my college BS and Masters. Unlike other companies who have come to A Major Aerospace Company to offer similar classes, (theirs have been only smoke and mirrors), Aviation Technician has the real McCoy of computer training.

Roger Greminger

Super! We had all the equipment that commercial companies have and use.

Joseph Mercado

A Major Aerospace Company

I wanted to write you and express my gratitude to Aviation Technician for the superb instruction. The instructor was more than knowledgeable in all subject areas. I will keep them in mind for any future needs that may arise.

Fred Rambo, Service Center Supervisor

Airtouch Cellular, Norcross, GA

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